Monday, December 7, 2015

Paper Angels for Christmas decoration part 1

Christmas is coming!! This year also my work place still holding Christmas decoration competition ! And the most exciting things is my department just got 2 new recruits, and those 2 are really into the competition. So we decide to take the challenge!

Today I gonna share how I make little angel for tree decoration.

Because the silver paper is really thin, so I fold them together with normal 700 grams white paper. In the picture I cut paper into size of A6.

Then fold the paper to cone shape.

I use a straper to hold the shape but you can glue them together. And press the upper part (above my thumb).

Draw a circle for angel's head and cut it out.

Fold the paper to make angel's wing and attach every parts togethet.

I add more color paper and try to make wing look differently with layer color.

I made all 5 angels for this year Christmas tree. Fast and easy.

Moreover look good when they hang on the tree.

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