Saturday, June 30, 2018

Free Diglette Pokemon Tutorial and pattern

As you may not know that when I film the tutorial, I don't have any pattern on hand, I just crochet it up, so you kind of see it clearly that I pause and think along the whole video. In this tutorial, I didn't do a voice-over like I used to do, but I just talk at the recording time, so excuse me for my vocab problems. You know, I was confused with the word pebbles, LOL.

0:14  I forgot to change the text color to black on that material and abbreviation, so it turns out blank. All details about material and abbreviation are here below and in the video description box.

4 ply worsted weight yarn, I used local brand named "Eagle"
I used 3.5mm. or  size E Clover brand crochet hook.

sc- single crochet   
sl- slip stitch       ch- chain
st - stitch  inc - increase = 2 sc in same stitch
sc2tog - decrease single crochet
dc - double crochet
[ ] - repeat instruction in parenthesis for the number of time.

Pattern instruction

Start from head
Rnd1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the 1st chain, sl :: 6 stitches
Rnd2: 1 ch, inc in next 6 st, sl :: 12 stitches
Rnd3: 1 ch, [sc in next st, inc] 6 times, sl :: 18 stitches
Rnd4: 1 ch, [sc in next 2 st, inc] 6 times, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd5 - Rnd12: 1 ch, sc in next 24 st, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd13: Change yarn color to gray, 2 ch, [dc3tog in same st, sl in same st, sc in next st] repeat 12 times, sl
Rnd14: 1 ch, sc in next 24 st, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd15: 1 ch, [sc in next 2 st, sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 18 stitches
Rnd16: 1 ch, [sc in next st, sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 12 stitches
Rnd17: 1 ch, [sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 6 stitches
Fasten off, and leave some length of yarn for sewing the hole closed.


3ch, sc in 2nd st from hook, 3sc in next st, inc, sl

Assembling the nose to the place and embroidery its face. Alternatively, you can use plastic eyes instead of doing embroidery. 

1. วงกลม 6x, c - 6
2. โซ่1, 6v, c - 12
3. โซ่1, xv*6, c -18
4. โซ่1, 2xv*6, c - 24
5-12. โซ่1, 24x, c -24
(ถัก24x ต่อไปเรื่อยๆจนได้ความยาวที่ต้องการ)
13. เปลี่ยนไหมเป็นสีเทา โซ่2, [F 3ครั้งรวบรวมกันบนหลักเดียวกัน, c ลงหลักเดิม, x] *ซ้ำ12ครั้งจนครบรอบ, c
14. โซ่1, 24x, c - 24
15. โซ่1, 2xa*6, c - 18
16. โซ่1, xa*6, c - 12
17. โซ่1, 6a, c - 6

โซ๋3, x หลักที่2จากเข็ม, 3xลงหลักเดียวกัน, v , c

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