Monday, October 21, 2013

Crochet Minion Free Pattern

Crochet Minion Free Pattern

     I post this free minion pattern on 14 September in my facebook page ( It might be a little difficult for foreigner who familiar with American pattern to understand this. If I have more time I may rewrite this pattern to be much easy for you someday.
But now all I can do is trying to make you understand what I said in this pattern. :)

 the meaning of the symbol:
F = double crochet
V = 2 double crochet in the next same stitch
A = dc2tog
x = single crochet
v = 2 single crochet in the next same stitch
ch = chain
c = sl = slip stitch

For BODY, HAND, CLOTH and EYES we start with an adjustable ring.

And this is my Minion. 
I made him for my roomate.

I really worry. Do other people understand this pattern. But finally there someone crochet the Minion from my pattern. And she send me back the picture. 

I'm so proud of it. At lease there's one person undstand my pattern hahaha

Anyone else who want to try crochet this minion from my pattern but have some problem to following pattern. Please feel free to contact me. :) 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chibimaru and Keroppi Amigurumi pattern

Chibimaru and Keroppi Amigurumi pattern

     It's been a little long time since last time I update my blog. I still confuse every time I try to pose something new (LOL). So today I decide to pose this 2 picture of Chibimaru and Keroppi cartoon.

     I made these two last year. And this year I decide to made and simple easy to read amigurumi pattern written in English with standard American terms.

This pattern is easy to follow but requires basic crochet knowledge:
- crocheting in rounds (or spiral)
- single crochet
- double crochet
- increasing
- decreasing
- slip stitch

Finished product both of them are 5 inches tall (this may vary depending on the yarn and the size of crochet hook used).

Chibimaru Amigurumi Pattern - 3.00 USD

Keroppi Amigurumi Pattern - 2.75 USD

Buy them together is just 5.25 USD

If you interest in buying one of these or both, just contact me by e-mail :

The pattern is in PDF format and will be send to you by e-mail within 12 hours follow your payment.

I accept payment through Paypal only however my paypal account is turned on as optional feature to accept the payment trough credit card as well, even you don’t have paypal account you can pay by credit card.

If you have any problems following the pattern, or need any advice/help - please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking! 

This pattern is protected under Creative Commons “Attribution Noncommercial No Derivatives Works 3.0 Unported” License. For additional information, please visit

This pattern may not be used for retail or commercial purposes.

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