Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Free Kawaii Orange Crochet Pattern

I remember someone request an amigurumi fruit, and here it is, an orange.I move to the balcony so I can get the nature light, but I didn't realize that the table is too unstable and end up with this shaky video. I lost so much time trying to make this video less shaky, now I give up. lol So I will let you experience super raw video tutorial, I didn't even cut out the background noise(I forget, sorry). But the good news is the next video tutorial will be upload within next week. :)

My life is kind of overwhelming right now, so the next tutorial will also some kind of easy and fast project that suitable for beginners. I hope you guy will enjoy it.

This is one of the simplest amigurumi projects, and I believe most of you already done something similar to this. Since it just crochet a sphere and adding stem and face to it. But I realize a lot of my viewers are beginners, so I am thinking about posting some easy project alternative with the cartoon character that I always do.

Let's straight to the pattern;

Pattern instruction

4 ply worsted weight yarn, 100% acrylic yarn,
I used local brand named "Eagle"
3.5mm. hook, I used 6/0 Japanese tulip hook.

sc- single crochet   
sl- slip stitch       
ch- chain
st - stitch  
inc - increase = 2 sc in same stitch
sc2tog - decrease single crochet
[ ] - repeat instruction in parenthesis for the number of time.

Video instruction

Orange body
Rnd1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the 1st chain, sl :: 6 stitches
Rnd2: 1 ch, inc in next 6 st, sl :: 12 stitches
Rnd3: 1 ch, [sc in next st, inc] 6 times, sl :: 18 stitches
Rnd4: 1 ch, [sc in next 2 st, inc] 6 times, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd5: 1 ch, [sc in next 3 st, inc] 6 times, sl :: 30 stitches
Rnd6 - Rnd10: 1 ch, sc in next 30 st,  sl :: 30 stitches
Rnd11: 1 ch, [sc in next 3 st, sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd12: 1 ch, [sc in next 2 st, sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 18 stitches
Rnd13: 1 ch, [sc in next st, sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 12 stitches
Rnd14: 1 ch, [sc2tog] 6 times, sl :: 6 stitches

Leave some length of yarn and fasten off.
Sewing to close the hole and secure the end.

Rnd1: 4 ch, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 ch :: 3 stitches
Leave a little lenght of yarn and fasten off.

Sewing them together and embroidery its face.

Problems!? Feel free to ask the questions in the comment section under the video, I will try answer as fast as I can. And we can share the solution with others.

And since it a short pattern I am going to merge both languages together, the following is the XVA format pattern in Thai description.

ตัวส้ม Body
แถว1: วงกลม, 6x, c - 6
แถว2: โซ่1, 6v, c - 12
แถว3: โซ่1, xv*6, c - 18
แถว4: โซ่1, 2xv*6, c - 24
แถว5: โซ่1, 3xv*6, c - 30
แถว6-แถว10: โซ่1, 30x, c - 30
แถว11: โซ่1, 3xa*6, c - 24
แถว12: โซ่1, 2xa*6, c - 18
แถว13: โซ่1, xa*6, c - 12
แถว14: โซ่1, 6a, c - 6
ปลดไหม เหลือปลายไหมไว้เย็บปิดรู

ก้าน Stem
แถว1: โซ่4, 3x บนโซ่ - 3 
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