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       Hello my name is Noramon Dron, my friend and family call me Piano. I was born in October, 1991. I was growing up in small town name Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.

       Let's talk about how I start crochet. I am start crochet when I was 14. It was a summer vacation and my mom think she should find some new activities for me, since I been immerse myself in reading comics and novels. So she send me to spend time with my aunt who live nearby. My aunt taught me how to do a basic chain and single crochet to make handkerchief edge. But I want to make a doll, I was really eager to made one. After I finished my first crochet project 'the handkerchief', I asked my aunt if she can teach me how to made a doll. I really want my favorite character doll but buying dolls is waste of money. Back then I was a thrifty kid even though my mom would bough me one if I beg. She said that I already have the basic and give me a Japanese amigurumi book that full with Japanese and diagram! I had no idea what written in the book. She roughly explain how to read the diagram and left me do trial and error by myself. I feel a little frustrated at that time, because I messed up my first pig doll. But after try again I finally understand how to read the diagram.

       At that time internet is hard to access, I was studying in a boarding school with no internet available, the only thing I could rely on was that book I have. So after trying several patterns in that book, I alter the pattern by myself and crochet an anime character. If I remember correctly it was "Gon" the lion doll from manga name 'Bleach'. I keep trying different shaped doll, imagine what I should crochet to make it appeal as I want. Until I finished high school.

       I had my first laptop when I was graduate high school, and it my first time seeing crochet are all over the internet. I remember getting so excited, searching and saving the pattern from the internet. I started to learn how to read English and some other different type of pattern.

       When I was sophomore, I decided to open my own facebook page as a part time job, receiving custom order crochet doll. Unexpected I have more and more custom requests, and at the peak period, I had got 6 months long queue. At that time, crochet was not fun or relax as it used to be. It stress me out even more together with intense study in university. So I decided to limit the amount of requested order. And start to publish my pattern online.

       After graduate university I almost stop receive custom requests. And focus on my job as an IT man in hospital. It really a difficult time for crochet since I am too exhausted from my day job and OT. I don't know how to describe the feeling at that time. I think it a hard period that every young adult have to face. The feeling of wanting to choose other path or choose the different direction.

      And there's come the crossroad. In 2015, I won a Royal Thai Scholarship, full financial support for master and PhD. I see my future path more and more clearly. So I decide to open a YouTube channel for free crochet tutorial, and giveaway some of my pattern for free.

       I will start MSc at the University of Edinburgh in the September 2016. So I have some free time to shoot some videos before I move to study in the United Kingdom. From now on I will try to film my crochet for sharing with you guy as much as I can. Even tough the yarn price in UK is more expensive than in Thailand.

       If you like my channel, please like and subscribe and share some of you finished doll. Commenting is a huge encouragement for me to keep on update the channel. One of my subscriber suggest me to open a Patreon account which I am not sure how it work but here I open one "http://patreon.com/AmigurumiPianosound". You can support the AmigurumiPianosound channel here on Patreon or just leaving some comments on my video are also enough.

Thank you for reading such a long letter with a lot of grammatical errors.

With love,
Noramon Dron

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