Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pikachu pattern, additional tips and tricks.

This post is about additional tips and tricks for my Pikachu pattern.

There're many people asked me through various way about this Pikachu pattern, and most of them came with similar question about 'why it not turn out the same as your photo'

So I think I will try to explain all details and tricks to crochet this Pikachu, so it can turn out as same as mine as possible.

YARN : For this pikachu I used 4 ply acrylic yarn bran 'VENUS' which I think it is Thai local brand. Each ball weight around 90-100 grams(I not sure about the certain number), and I used nearly 4 balls.

"Red Heart Super Saver Solids"
Some of my customers use yarn called 'Red Heart Super Saver Solids' to crochet this Pickachu. They use approximately 6 skeins and the finished size is ginormous. It's 1.6- 1.7 meters. 

Tips & Trick:  I crochet this Pikachu quite 'tight', if you feel that you're crocheting him much less tight than mine, change the hook to smaller one. If you don't want to change you can continue working but he may not get the same shape as this one. How tight it is? Tight enough that you can not see clearly hole between each stitch. 

Many people ask me about the ears are way too small to head size, did I mistakenly write the pattern? I have to say I crochet the same as in the pattern. I stuff the fiber into the ears quite tight, because I also had feeling that the ears are a little too small for the head. 

Still too small!?
If you still have a feeling that the ears are too small, I suggest you to change the pattern in round 8 into:

Rnd 8: 3 ch, dc in next 6 stitch, 2 dc in next stitch 2 times, sl

I think this would be enough for the ears, but if you still need the bigger ears also working on increase in round 9 too.


EYES : After finish the eyes part, eyes should have diameter about tree rows of stitch (see the picture below). Sometime different yarn and different hook affect much on the finished work, so if you feel that eye are too small feel free to increase the size of them.

Two eyes are about 15 stitches apart, 1 row to nose, and one row to mouth.

You can freely arrange the components of his face to fit your pikachu's head, my instruction is for guiding. 

Sewing parts together, 
use one or two strand of yarn? 
I use 2 strands together, because when I try 1 strand, the sewing edges are clearly visible.

I think that all, if any other question coming, I will get update on this page. Thank you so much for everyone who bought my Pikachu pattern, feel free to ask my anything about the pattern. I will be your assistance until you finish him.


  1. How big is your Pikachu in the pics it looks small in comparison to the hand holding it

  2. Where do I find the pattern for the Pikachu in the pics above