Private Policy

I created every pattern on this site and youtube channel by myself.
* Do not copy and paste the pattern on your own site. Please put the link directly to here.
* If you modify the pattern from this site please give some credit.

******Make your own tutorial video using my free pattern******
Yes, you are allowed to create your own version of the tutorial video by using my Free pattern here. But please giving a credit to my Youtube channel or this blog AT THE END OF  YOUR VIDEO, and also link in your video description box.

Feel free to sell your finished doll from the patterns that label as FREE and no trademark! If you are selling them online, please include the link to youtube channel or this blog in your product description.

The patterns are protected under Creative Commons. This lets you distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as you credit the original creation. For additional information, please visit

Trademark pattern!?
     I didn't own any right to give permitted for selling them. Any Free trademark patterns are for personal used only. Even though some pattern is Free but the one with trademark or license character, you have to directly contact the owner or the creator of that character in order to sell the doll. Moreover, I am not responsible for any action that happens if you are selling that doll you make from the pattern on this site. You are responsible for your own action.


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  1. Thanks for your work. I am trying the jigglepuff pattern for my Etsy shop