Monday, February 23, 2015

Android Free Crochet pattern

Free Android pattern!!

I used to made these Android dolls, many years ago. I remember made all 22 of them. My customer said he want a football team of green android and black android with apple icon (Apple vs Android; what a fun theme LOL). So I decide to share this pattern for free, in my facebook page. And today I just determine to write it down in this blog. The pattern here are written in Standard American term, if you are not familiar with it, there XVA term in the picture below with Thai description

ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc - double crochet  
sl- slip stitch    
sc2tog- decrease single crochet.

Body  green color
Rnd 1: 3 ch, 12 dc into the circle, sl :: 12 stitches 
Rnd 2: 3 ch, [2 dc in next stitch] 12 times, sl :: 24 stitches
Rnd 3: 3 ch, [dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch] 12 times, sl :: 36 stitches
Rnd 4: 3 ch, [dc in next 2 stitch, 2 dc in next stitch] 12 times, sl :: 48 stitches
Rnd 5: 3 ch, [dc in next 3 stitch, 2 dc in next stitch] 12 times, sl :: 60 stitches
Rnd 6: 3 ch, dc in next 60 stitch, sl :: 60 stitches
Change color to white
Rnd 7: 1 ch, sc in next 60 stitch, sl :: 60 stitches
Change color back to green
Rnd 8 - Rnd14: 3 ch, dc in next 60 stitch, sl :: 60 stitches
Rnd 15: BLO3 ch, [dc in next stitch, dc2tog] 12 times, sl :: 40 stitches
Rnd 16: 3 ch, [dc2tog] 20 times , sl :: 20 stitches
Rnd 17: 3 ch, [dc2tog] 10 times , sl :: 10 stitches
Rnd 18: 1 ch, [sc2tog] 5 times , sl :: 5 stitches
Fasten off.
Tips for body. Do not stuff the fiber too much, if you over stuff, its body is going to expand from the side and not in the shape that android should look like. But tricky stuff here, if you stuff it too less, it will also affect the shape and may lead to sloppy doll when the time pass. Key is stuffing tight enough that it not turning into fatty android. This issue is also help the doll standing properly.

Arm  green color
Rnd 1: 3 ch, 12 dc into the circle, sl :: 12 stitches 
Rnd 2- Rnd 4 : 3 ch, dc in next 12 stitch, sl :: 12 stitches
Rnd 5: 3 ch, [dc2tog] 6 times , sl :: 6 stitches
Fasten off.

Legs green color
Rnd 1: 3 ch, 12 dc into the circle, sl :: 12 stitches 
Rnd 2: 3 ch, [dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch] 6 times, sl :: 18 stitches
Rnd 3- Rnd 4 : 3 ch, dc in next 18 stitch, sl :: 18 stitches
Fasten off.

Legs is the part that you must stuff them as tight as you can. The stable legs keep the android stand still. And make sure its arms and legs aligned in the same way, try to balance the body when you set it stand.

Rnd 1: 5 ch, sc into the 2nd stitch from hook, sc in next 2 stitch, 3 sc in next stitch, sc in next 2 stitch, 2 sc in next stitch, sl :: 12 stitches
Fold half and sew.

I use chain stitch (picture below), to embroidery a circle to create eyes. Also for create alphabet for the word android on doll's belly.

For the black one, I cut felt sheet in to apple shape and glue on belly part.

At that time when I made all of these, I'd got only poor mobile camera, so the picture is in low quality.  

If you sewing them  carefully they can all stand by themselves as shown in the picture. I also crochet small red ball for them. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

First time trying to sew fabric doll (1)

I really obsess about doll with big bright eyes, and when I saw handmade sewing doll on pinterest, I really feel like making one by my self.

The time has come, when my roommate said she want to try embroidery. So we went to buy tread, fabrics and hoop. I share some fabric and tread with her and decide to sew little big eye girl for myself. Following instruction I found on Internet.

1. I use normal pencil draw outline for head and body. 

2. I want she to has very big bright eye with little short eyebrow and smiling mouth. 

3. Putting her in the hoop and start embroidery.

4. I don't have any instruction from my embroidery because this in my first time doing this. 
I just try to fill the empty space with color tread. In the back side look messy! 

5. Sewing to made her into doll
(I forgot to take a picture)

Finish sewing! I think I draw her eyes too close to the edge. 
If you wonder where is her body, it's in her head. LOL
I realize that I mistake sew the body, so I just stuff her body into her head.

I just stop her like this and thinking about how to make her hair. What color I should do?

Amigurumi Baymax Big Hero 6

After I watched movie Big Hero 6, I feel like I have to crochet Baymax! And not so long after that one of my friend contact me. He said he want 2 medium size of Baymax. That the beginning of my amigurumi Baymax.

You only need the basic skill for crochet him, just single crochet, increase, decrease and little of patient, you can finish him. :)

I think 'HAND' is the hardest part for Baymax. I have to considerate a way to make them look like in the movie, as much as I can. And I think they come out quite OK.

I ensure that this pattern is worked! Because I success the second Baymax which looking the same as the first one.

If you want the pattern, he available in my craftsy store:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas Decoration in my office

First I have to say, this is my first time for Christmas decoration! Base on my religion which is Buddhism, I never have to decorate anything Christmas before. In my perspective Christmas is like one day for celebrate about 'Giving' which I not sure about it at all.

So, every year for me Christmas is like a day for going out to some mall and take a picture with some mascot and Christmas tree, and have an event to exchange gift with friends. Some year we even combine Christmas and New year celebration together, LOL

OK, let's back to our topic. Due to my working place; the Bangkok Christian Hospital, which the name is already said that it is Christian based hospital, have a little event for employee to decorate our department into Christmas theme. Moreover superintendence also prepare some prices for the most beautiful department, wow!

But unfortunately that our department only have 2 girls, so we decide to decorate our office after work by ourselves. A little lucky that our CIO gave us a little budget for buying a Christmas tree ( In the first place, we think we have to craft it up). Some of the idea is from Pinterest, let's see how our office turn into:

We cut some paper into snowflakes and hanging them beside the wall.

As you can see, we used our old CD to make a Christmas tree on the front door. (It reflect me LOL) And if you look through the glass doll, you can see some mobile hanging all over. There are a lot of little Christmas trees, and little angels all over, which my boss said "they look mess"

My little Christmas tree made from recycle paper and disposal post-it paper.

There is a recycle paper Christmas tree, crafted by me and my co-worker. Decorating with yellow yarn chain and chestnut around the tree.

And group of reindeer made by me, I don't have any instruction, I just craft them up. So they all look different. :)

Paper Mache snowman made by my co-worker, he look cooler when he wear sunglasses.

And some picture from my co-worker's camera. You can see a white paper fireplace made by me near the Christmas tree.

At the last, we didn't won any price, but I think it was a great Christmas period. So fun  to decorate everything up. Next year, we think of using the cardboard and use the nativity theme.

Thank for reading, hope you guy have a good year in 2015.