Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amigurumi Baymax Big Hero 6

After I watched movie Big Hero 6, I feel like I have to crochet Baymax! And not so long after that one of my friend contact me. He said he want 2 medium size of Baymax. That the beginning of my amigurumi Baymax.

You only need the basic skill for crochet him, just single crochet, increase, decrease and little of patient, you can finish him. :)

I think 'HAND' is the hardest part for Baymax. I have to considerate a way to make them look like in the movie, as much as I can. And I think they come out quite OK.

I ensure that this pattern is worked! Because I success the second Baymax which looking the same as the first one.

If you want the pattern, he available in my craftsy store:

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