Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas Decoration in my office

First I have to say, this is my first time for Christmas decoration! Base on my religion which is Buddhism, I never have to decorate anything Christmas before. In my perspective Christmas is like one day for celebrate about 'Giving' which I not sure about it at all.

So, every year for me Christmas is like a day for going out to some mall and take a picture with some mascot and Christmas tree, and have an event to exchange gift with friends. Some year we even combine Christmas and New year celebration together, LOL

OK, let's back to our topic. Due to my working place; the Bangkok Christian Hospital, which the name is already said that it is Christian based hospital, have a little event for employee to decorate our department into Christmas theme. Moreover superintendence also prepare some prices for the most beautiful department, wow!

But unfortunately that our department only have 2 girls, so we decide to decorate our office after work by ourselves. A little lucky that our CIO gave us a little budget for buying a Christmas tree ( In the first place, we think we have to craft it up). Some of the idea is from Pinterest, let's see how our office turn into:

We cut some paper into snowflakes and hanging them beside the wall.

As you can see, we used our old CD to make a Christmas tree on the front door. (It reflect me LOL) And if you look through the glass doll, you can see some mobile hanging all over. There are a lot of little Christmas trees, and little angels all over, which my boss said "they look mess"

My little Christmas tree made from recycle paper and disposal post-it paper.

There is a recycle paper Christmas tree, crafted by me and my co-worker. Decorating with yellow yarn chain and chestnut around the tree.

And group of reindeer made by me, I don't have any instruction, I just craft them up. So they all look different. :)

Paper Mache snowman made by my co-worker, he look cooler when he wear sunglasses.

And some picture from my co-worker's camera. You can see a white paper fireplace made by me near the Christmas tree.

At the last, we didn't won any price, but I think it was a great Christmas period. So fun  to decorate everything up. Next year, we think of using the cardboard and use the nativity theme.

Thank for reading, hope you guy have a good year in 2015.

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