Saturday, July 1, 2017

Shamrock Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern

Four leaf clover bookmark, so fast, so easy and so cute as a gift. This oe is really enjoyable for me to make. So I hope you like it.

This is one of the very short pattern so I will put the xav format in Thai at the bottm of the page.

4 ply worsted weight yarn, I used local brand named
3.5mm. hook, I used 6/0 Japanese tulip hook.

sc- single crochet  
dc - double crochet
sl- slip stitch      
hdc - half double crochet
st - stitch          
ch- chain tr - tripple crochet
[ ] - repeat instruction in parenthesis

Pattern Instruction
Rnd1: 5ch, 3tr into 1st chain, 4ch, sl into 1st chain,
[4ch, 3tr into 1st chain, 4ch, sl into 1st chain] repeat 3 times, until have 4 petals
Rnd2: [3 sl along the ch, sc in next st, 5 dc in same st, sl in next st, 5 dc in next st, sc in same st,
3 sl along the ch, sl] repeat until cover 4 leaves.

Book mark tail.
sl in the centerpiece, and 53 ch(or as long as you want),
2 dc in 4th ch from hook, 2dc in next st, hdc in next 3 st, sc in next 4 st, sl along the remaining ch.

That's it, so short, so fast and easy!! If you want your clover to be flat, you can iron it with low heat to make a flat bookmark.

Since this is a very short pattern, I will combine XVA Thai pattern here together.

แถว1: โซ่5, 3tr(พ2ค) ลงโซ่แรก, โซ่4, cลงโซ่แรก, [โซ่4, 3 tr ลงโซ่แรก, โซ่4, cลงโซ่แรก,] ทำซ้ำจนได้4กลีบ

แถว2: [โซ่ 3ลงตามขอบ, x แล้ว 5F ลงหลักเดียวกัน, c, 5Fแล้วx ลงหลักเดียวกัน, โซ่ 3ลงตามขอบ, c] ทำซ้ำจนครบทุกกลีบ
c ลงตรงกลาง(ปลดไหมถ้า ต้องการแค่กลีบโคลเวอร์ ถักหางต่อถ้าทำที่คั่นหนังสือ)

โซ่53 (หรือยาวตามต้องการ), 2F ลงหลักที่4จากปลายเข็ม, 2Fลงหลักเดียวกัน, 3T, 4x, cตามแนวโซ่จนกลับไปที่กลางดอก แล้วปลดไหม

-If you crochet one of my doll please show me, I would love to see it.
What you want me to crochet next leave the comment below. :)

-If you face any problems during crochet this leave the comments under the video.
I will answer you as fast as I can. And we can share the solution with others.

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