Thursday, February 19, 2015

First time trying to sew fabric doll (1)

I really obsess about doll with big bright eyes, and when I saw handmade sewing doll on pinterest, I really feel like making one by my self.

The time has come, when my roommate said she want to try embroidery. So we went to buy tread, fabrics and hoop. I share some fabric and tread with her and decide to sew little big eye girl for myself. Following instruction I found on Internet.

1. I use normal pencil draw outline for head and body. 

2. I want she to has very big bright eye with little short eyebrow and smiling mouth. 

3. Putting her in the hoop and start embroidery.

4. I don't have any instruction from my embroidery because this in my first time doing this. 
I just try to fill the empty space with color tread. In the back side look messy! 

5. Sewing to made her into doll
(I forgot to take a picture)

Finish sewing! I think I draw her eyes too close to the edge. 
If you wonder where is her body, it's in her head. LOL
I realize that I mistake sew the body, so I just stuff her body into her head.

I just stop her like this and thinking about how to make her hair. What color I should do?

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