Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My June, July and August works

It was the busy period of my life, just three months but many things had happen and I had too much things to handle. So I summarize all my crochet works in this post.


This little hat just came up because I just felt like crochet something after tried day.

Head part of Pikachu.

In this month I started other new order at the same time as Pikachu.

And Baymax, the first doll that I ship outside my own country.


In this month I can only managed to finish only this set of doll.


Little beanie for baby named Orca.

Another Chowder, now I cannot remember how many chowder hade I made until now.

Finally finish this massive Pikachu. If you want the Pikachu pattern just go straight to my craftsy store. 

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