Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas decoration part 2 - Nativity tree

Last year, I saw the picture of this nativity tree and I really want to try decorate our office's tree in to something similar to it.

Luckily our new staff agree to help me build this tree. Let's see how I built it.

First, sculpt the baby, I cut cuboid foam I found in storage room in to doll shape. And use permanent pen to draw smiling face.

Second, prepare the bed for baby, I cut the cardboard in to the box shape and glue together. The lay fake hay at the bottom.

 Third, with the bigger cuboid foam, sculpt them in to man and woman. Ten dress them up with some color paper or fabric.

Forth, with smaller cuboids, sculpt them in to the villagers with the same way we do with the previous three.  

Fifth, but cardboard in make villagers's house. Used brown paper to built the road path along lower haft of the tree.
Then prepare the animals that will stand around.

For sheep, I used cotton ball and cut paper to head shape to form into the sheep.

Arranging all the stuff into the place that you want them to be.
I forgot to took picture while we were building the cottage.

Upper path of the tree, I decorated with the paper angels I made.

Here the front view of 2015 Christmas tree!!

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