Saturday, April 30, 2016

Security blanket for my little niece.

My relative brother just has his new born girl baby. I really excite about the news cause I can crochet something for her. But choosing what to make for her is really hard. First intention, I want to make her some dress but i cannot use yarn because it will be to hot for her(actually for everybody in Thailand lmao). If switch to cotton tread, it will took to much time and I cannot finish it before the family reunion will hold. After think about every factor, I decided to crochet a security blanket.

It is really fun to crochet this, with simple granny square and adding bunny head to it. Granny square is a classic crochet to work with, and result always stunning. Just simple changing color, you will end up with some unique piece of work!

As you can see from the picture, that my security blanket look fluffy because I use "Coral Fleece Yarn" that look like below photo. This yarn is hard to find in western, you may have to order them from Chinese website like alibaba, if you want to work with them. Or you can follow the link in the picture and ask them if they have international shipping service or not. Egret yarn is Thai local brand, the same brand that I use for this project. :) 

I crochet two strand at the same time with the big hook, 5.0 mm hook, so it's very fluffy.

Alternatively, you can use any type of fluffy yarn that available in your area. And important tip to make your blanket look seamless is to use the yarn you work with, for sewing! 

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