Friday, April 22, 2016

"Pad macaroni" - Thai style pasta dish, the way my family cook it.

I normally cook by my self but not usually take a picture. Because our kitchen arrangement is not neat and beautiful as other food blogger have. Our family have an outdoor kitchen at the back of our house which surprisingly dark for outdoor, because the location of wall and roof. It make taking a good picture is really hard, this time I had to swish on all the light bulb in that area.

I have been subscribe Thai cooking channel on Youtube called Hot Thai Kitchen for sometime now. And recently she just cook one of my childhood favorite meal "Pad macaroni". This is the only way to cook pasta in my house. we don't cook mac and cheese or spaghetti carbonara sauce, we always do this to pasta that we have. And if you'r wonder why we don't try that, cause my family against it, they say western food are not flavorful enough for them. So every time I eager for other nation food I have cook in small proportion or mostly eat outside LOL. 

So I decide to share my way to cook it, not recipe because I never measure the exact amount of ingredients. If you want exact recipe you can go to Youtube: Hot Thai Kitchen, her recipe are really great and authentic. 

And today we cook "Pad macaroni Goong" which translate to Shrimp macaroni stir fried. Yummy, Easy, and sometime vegetarian. As you can see from the picture the main ingredient are
-Onion and garlic
-Mixed Vegetables : Carrot, may kinds mushroom, tomato, baby corn, some type of pea
(any veggies we have in fridge actually, bell pepper, broccoli also work really well with this dish)
- Chinese celery, sometime we do spring onion.  

- Ketchup 
- Sriracha sauce
- Fish sauce
- Oyster sauce 
- Soy sauce
- Golden mountain sauce (other type of soy sauce, maggi sauce is similar)
- White pepper

Cooking this is really easy and fast, just toss everything in to wok on high heat. 
First garlic and onion together with a little bit of vegetable oil, stir it just a couple times. 

Then toss all the mixed vegetables and shrimps. Keep the Chinese celery or spring onion last.
If you want vegetarian version just skip meat and fish sauce, we do this when we are on vegetarian festival (Thailand have a vegetarian festival around October every year.)

Stiring until the shrimps or your protein are nearly done.
Follow with cooked macaroni or other kind of pasta. After that season with ketchup and Sriracha sauce, the amount of sauce is depend on your test, should enough for thinly coast all the ingredient (less is fine but too much will make out dish soak).

Then season with Fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and golden mountain sauce. The amount of this three sauce is depend on how much ketchup and Sriracha that you add. I always put them in with the ratio of 1: 1.5: 1 :1.5 for fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and golden mountain sauce. This ratio will change from one household to another. And some recipe will add a little bit of sugar too, but we quit adding sugar to our meal long time ago to keep it more healthy.

Stir them together, tasted and adjust.
End with Chinese celery and a lot of white pepper.

Mixed together and finish!! Yummy yummy dish that may not look good but taste very good.

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