Saturday, February 11, 2017

2017 Announcement!!

Hello friend!!

     It's 2017, and I have little announcement about my Youtube channel. If you have been follow me for a while I said that I will upload at least 2 tutorials videos per month. I have a little sad news, I will change it to at least 1 doll tutorials videos per month. I know it doesn't sound good for any of you who looking forward for new tutorial. Due to my study circumstance now, my first semester grade was coming out very BAD, that my adviser also concern. So I decide I have to pay attention to my study more!

     Since doll tutorial video usually took me about 2 weeks to make them. I think I will change to 1 video per month, for the doll. And do some more small crochet project like bookmark or accessory which require less time on filming and also shorter pattern. I also thinking about live stream crochet(so I don't have to do editing things) but after testing with my phone I realize that with live streaming, my camera(phone) cannot focus on the yarn, and stitches are really hard to see. And I don't have budget for better camera. So I come up with above conclusion.

     I hope you understand, I will try my best to organize my time for both crochet and study!

With Love