Sunday, October 23, 2016

Crochet Flower bookmark

Crochet Flower bookmark

Hi, here a new tutorial, I made this bookmark for my flatmate upcoming birthday. It take less time and the result is cute! It will look even cuter if you mix the color, like petal and pollen in different color.

And if you are wonder about new amigurumi doll tutorial, there is one this month but you have to wait a little bit, I have assessments to deal with, so this month video happen to be late and quite short video. I hope after I rearrange my time schedule, everything will be more settle. See you guys again soon.

Pattern instruction

sc- single crochet
dc - double crochet
sl- slip stitch
ch- chain
dtr- double treble crochet

As you can see from the abbreviation, there is one unfamiliar stitch, "dtr". So this pattern may be a little bit too hard for beginner, but the result is worth for practicing. The major key for this kind of stitch is your hand tension, try to crochet every stitch with as much equally tension as possible.

Rnd1: 48 ch, dc on 4th ch from hook, [1ch, skip, dc in the next stitch] repeat to the end.
Rnd2: 3 ch, dc in the next 15 stitch, 3 ch, c in the next stitch, [7ch, sc in next stitch]12 times,
[(5ch, 3dtr, 5ch) in the same stitch, c in the next stitch] 8 times or 8 petals.
Fasten off

Green stem
Rnd1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the 1st chain, sl :: 6 stitches
Rnd2: [5ch, sl in next 4 stitch, c in next stitch] 6 times.
Do not fasten off, continue working with it.
55 chains or as long as you like, 2 sc in the next 9 stitch(or as long as you like the twisted end go)
cut the yarn and secured it when this twits long enough.
Sew the stem attach to flower.


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