Friday, June 3, 2016

Crochet Stepping Texture Hat preparing for next winter

It was the hottest week in Thailand when I was crochet this hat. The temperature was exceed 40 degree Celsius all the week, and I crochet a winter hat. lol 

I am going to take a Master course at Edinburgh starting next September, and I have no idea how cold it would be. Here in Thailand, winter, I experience 18-25 degree Celsius but after I surf around Internet, I found summer in Scotland is about 20 degree Celsius! I start to worry about winter season, so I decide to crochet some hat for myself.

I found free pattern here from Crochet Crowd, and he work on the tutorial really well, so I decided to not record any tutorial while I was crochet it.

I used 8.0 mm. crochet hook, with my regular yarn( Eagle brand, 4 ply worsted weight) 5 strands at the same time. I am very pleasure with the result of hat's body. But I later realize that if I use one big strand yarn to make the pom pom, I will turn rounder and look better.

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