Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pikachu again after 3 years.

After I publish my Pikachu pattern on :

There are many people question me about the pattern and I try my best to answer them here: 

Finally after I had crochet that Pikachu 3 years ago, I have a chance to re-crochet him again.
I am not exactly follow the pattern because this Pikachu is a little smaller than the one I did in the past.

The left one was crochet follow my pattern which I still don't have time to finish him, and right one is this the head of Pikachu below, you can see the different in size.

I am very proud of this Pikachu, even tough he smaller than pattern original one but this still is a big size amigurumi doll. I don't have much chance to make a big one like this due to my present work and many factors. I have to thank to my customer from from Canada that he made this decision to order me to made this Pikachu for him. What a nice experience.